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Chaotic as an assorted Candybag;
Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour,
always good!

Hi, I'm CJ (or Candy if you're feeling sweet!); they/them pronouns, and all gendered language is accepted. I'm a disabled non-binary (fluidflux) bisexual person who creates geekery, comedy, and daily life content. I became a creator to bring some joy to those around me, knowing from personal experience how important it is to have things to enjoy in dark times.While some may call me "ridiculous" and "confusing" I prefer to call myself "entertaining" and "mysterious" but that's up to interpretation, I suppose. My focus for content creation is always fluctuating; from TikTok to Twitch to TTRPG, I'm all over the place! My tastes are as wide as a good ol' assorted Candybag (See what I did there?) so I try to do a bit of everything!I also have a solid background in a variety of content creation areas, such as, but not limited to: Scripted and Improv Comedy, Voice Acting, Game Design, Writing, Tabletop Role-playing Game Facilitation, and Shoutcasting. If you're interested in utilizing any of the above skills for a project, feel free to reach out via my email listed above!